Relationship Counselling

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Relationship Counselling

Building Solutions for Positive Change in Your Relationships

A healthy and supportive relationship can have tons of benefits on your emotional, mental and physical well-being because it improves your self image, boosts your happiness levels, helps you age more gracefully, reduces stress and improves your mental health.

On the other hand, an unhealthy relationship can have long-term damaging effects on your sense of self worth, and can affect your capability of taking advantage of your unique and powerful potential as a person.

Does Relationship Counselling Work?

Many people often wonder if couples therapy works, and whether it will work for them. Relationship counselling does work and can work at any stage of a relationship. Getting into a supportive relationship with a well-trained and experienced therapist can help you to deal with relationship distress and improve your mental health, and in the process, you are able to live a fulfilling and happier life.

In addition, relationship therapy works so much that it can shift a very old or difficult problem at the beginning, middle or end of a relationship. At Stack Counselling, relationship counselling seeks to help couples discover their desired outcome with regard to the direction they would want their relationship to go.

The Most Common Relationship Problems that Lead to Unfulfilling Marriages

Love gives every couple its fair share of issues. You may have encountered a lot of difficulties in your relationship, but you are not the only one. Everyone else has problems in their relationship. If you are experiencing any of the problems listed below, seeking professional relationship counselling can help you resolve them:

  • Communication issues
  • Money & Financial difficulties
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Sexual inadequacies
  • Lack of honesty or Trust
  • Controlling or abusive behaviour
  • One-sided relationship issues
  • Blended and extended family issues

How Marriage and Relationship Counselling Can Help You

Every relationship is unique and it presents circumstances and challenges that are also very unique. This is especially the case where different backgrounds, personalities and values are involved.

At Stack Counselling, we endeavour to form a collaborative alliance with you in order to facilitate positive changes by identifying what works, and the resulting solution sequences.

Paul Stack is an experienced relationship counsellor who can help you and your partner create a relationship that is mutually beneficial and rewarding. He can help you to:

• Improve your communication skills
• Improve your conflict management skills
• Anger and temper problems
• Find an effective way to cope with stress
• Reduce negative mindsets which affect your relationship
• Restore emotional and sexual intimacy
• Reduce criticism and blaming behaviours
• Understand and nurture your relationship’s strengths

George Stack uses Solution-Focused Brief Therapy to help couples utilize and implement what is already work with you to help you look towards creating your desired future, by encouraging you to think about solutions, and to look for positive signs of changes.

What You Can Expect In a Relationship Counselling Session

Are you unsure of what to expect from marriage therapy?

It’s common for couples to hold a few myths or misunderstandings about what normally happens during a therapy session. Some tend to think that therapy will favour one partner, or it will be emotionally confrontational, or that it just won’t work. Well, all these are genuine concerns, but at Stack Counselling, we ensure that:

• Therapy sessions are inclusive of both partners
• The counselling environment offers a discreet, nonjudgmental space to unpack your relationship concerns
• Clients are responsible for solutions instead of problems in the treatment process in order to ethically and effectively facilitate positive changes in clients.
• Therapy is designed in a way that helps you to notice, amplify, sustain, and reinforce your accomplishments, regardless of how small or infrequent they may be.

Marriage and relationship counselling often involves individual and joint therapy sessions depending on your therapeutic needs as a couple.

This flexibility allows your counsellor to accurately assess your communication skills, behavioural patterns, and relationship needs as individuals, and as a couple.

At Stack Counselling, we are empathetic, experienced and capable of helping you create lasting changes that will improve your relationship and create your desired outcome.

Take the first step in freeing yourself from guilt and sadness and get your life back on track.

Contact Stack Counselling today and book your first free 15 minute appointment. You’ll start to see positive impacts in your life immediately.