Online and ExPat Counselling – Skype, Email or Call

Online, Expat, Psychological counselling – Skype, Email or Call


Lonely tough times can be overcome with expert, individual counselling and psychotherapy. We help anyone struggling with any problem – relationship issues, family history or any manner of stress causing concern:

  • Needing to answers to life altering situations;
  • Is or has experienced trauma (PTSD);
  • Is self-harming – alcohol, drugs or other self-harming-behaviours e.g. suicide, cutting;
  • Seeking a better quality of life – to self actualise;
  • Has lost someone, or something they love;
  • Is feeling lost, misunderstood or is having suicidal thoughts;
  • Is seeking to improve communication/understanding of their life and personal relationships;
  • Is dealing with rejection, after a loved one has left;
  • Has a child experiencing difficulties at school (bullying), or at home;
  • Is feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depressed or stressed;
  • Has been diagnosed, or suspects they have a mental health disorder and seeks understanding, reassurance and meaning.

Answers come quickly here, so you get your life your life back on track.  The demand for online psychological counselling is quickly growing as a most-popular support channel for busy, off shore individuals. with 24/7 access to expert assistance.  Why nit find out why so many others are now quickly gaining relief and benefits to not only them, but for their loved ones as well, through using our expert online, 24/7, counselling, today.

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Benefits of online counselling:

Accessibility: 24/7, Online counselling overcomes communication barriers by individuals being ‘being heard’, affordability access to people living in rural, or remote areas, for the physically disabled or ‘shut in’, visually and hearing impairment benefit.  Children suffering effects of domestic violence are able to receive therapy, where their familiarity with using the Internet greatly benefits them and their families.

Convenience: The client(s) and counsellor correspond in real time via Skype, or email, removing appointment seeking, waiting and travel associated with traditional counselling. The counsellor is more empowered/effective/sharper through the ability to cover, potentially the global need.

Ambivalence: Individuals uncomfortable with the traditional face-to-face meeting can find online counselling affords better communication due to the immediacy of communication focus to remove social-phobias, agoraphobias or anxiety disorders.

Value for money: Online counselling is shown to be more cost effective for the client and the counsellor by removing rental of commercial type rooms as well as reducing overhead costs, capital, property, travel (Parking) and admin procedures.

Social Stigma: Online counselling can eliminate any social stigma that can be associated with attending counselling by allowing access to counselling from the security and comfort of one’s own home, or office. Anonymity: Invisibility disinhibits as, absent face to face contact, the client and the counsellor immediately deal with the presenting issue.