Domestic Violence Counselling

Program for the perpetrator of domestic violence

The program is applicable to men who recognise that they are abusive, and have decided to man-up and take responsibility for their violent and abusive thoughts, feelings and behaviours:

  • Understand the influencers e.g. character, excuses, alcohol, drugs and consequent thoughts and ideas that shame true manliness.
  • Embrace brutal honesty to look at the unacceptable consequences and after effects their uncontrolled violence and abuse has on others.
  • Use Narrative and Mindfulness therapies to peel back the layers of their own life’s exposure of the subliminal thoughts embedded from their ‘Dad and Mum’s’ traumas.
  • Role play, practice and implement EMDR and CBT disruptive beliefs for change emotional consequences.  Follow up.  Attend Group Sessions.

Anger management training cannot ‘cure’ domestic violence as a perpetrator’s anger is only symptomatic of his need to control his partner by any means.  Whereas anger management training does not deal with the basic cause, address the victim’s safety, or hold the abuser accountable.

Relationship, marriage or couples counselling is DANGEROUS as it necessitates the victim exposing the partner’s violence in the perpetrator’s presence and has subjected the woman to further physical and verbal abuse for telling the truth in counselling.  Clearly, if the woman is afraid of telling her truth for fear of reprisal abuse, then counselling should not be attempted.

Finally, stack counselling does not support relationship, marriage or couples counselling, mediation or anger management training, where domestic violence is apparent, or reported.


Program for the victim of domestic violence

At the outset, an abused victim is not a weak or a submissive victim, because she has demonstrated enormous courage just by living with the perpetrator.  Clearly, a victim has to be courageous, strong and practical in developing daily-strategies, just to survive, with accompanying emotions of despair, pain, shame, resentment, fear, sadness, guilt and low self-esteem.

Living in fear of the unpredictable violence can cause the victim to exist in isolation; removed from family and friends, where she can become increasingly compliant, and abuser dependant.  Intelligent reasoning has deserted her; resulting in her coming to believe the abuse is her fault.

Stack counselling is committed to the welfare of the child and the victim as innocent victims of domestic violence.  As such, we act to support all victims gaining immediate help to remove themselves, and their children, from the senseless cycle of abuse and moving to live life free from fear, or retribution.


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