About Paul Stack


In modern medicine and therapy practices, there has often been an excessive focus on the physical aspects of illness. The development of medications and biological solutions in therapy has certainly proved itself helpful, and while this focus can target legitimate problems and address them accordingly, there is often a tragic failure to take into account the fact that human beings are multifaceted gems, not one side of a coin. There is much more that goes into well-being and overall health, than mere physical condition. Some things cannot simply be repaired with “quick-fix” pills, surgery, or multiple drugs.

And yet with the birth of this problem has come the birth of new and innovative solutions. Counselling and therapy services have responded by turning the lens away from mere biology, and focusing it instead on the parts of human nature that cannot be measured or seen with expensive machines. This is what Paul has done; he is committed to seeing each patient not as broken toys that need to be fixed, but as people with real problems and deep concerns.

Paul Stack

His practice promotes a whole new outlook on counselling by providing techniques that target the patient’s mental, emotional, social, and intellectual self. He integrates a variety of developmental facets into his services, going above and beyond by working as a counsellor, psychotherapist, and mediator.


Paul’s practice is designed to offer quality solutions tapered to each individual’s needs. He has over 20 years of experience in Australian and international counselling work. He handles a wide range of clients seeking healthy choices, including individuals, couples, and organisations. His passion is twofold: 1) supporting people face to face in order to create interpersonal connections and individualised care, and 2) helping his patients overcome the issues that adversely affect their significant relationships, as well as their professional and personal lives.

Structured process

How exactly are Paul’s services structured? Simply: Paul’s counselling is built on cultivating a strong sense of self-knowledge. It is relationship-based, respectful, empathetic, and caring. He uses insight and listening to help patients develop self-awareness of their current belief systems, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions.

His expert counselling adapts many methods and can include counselling

Quality care

The road to uniform healing is a long and difficult one; it can be hard to find and even harder to stay on. But in the long run, you deserve to feel happy and whole not just physically, but on every level. This journey isn’t easy, but know that you do not have to make it alone.

When you or your loved ones are looking for quality care and counselling that sees the bigger picture, consider visiting Paul. He will sit down, listen with an open mind and a friendly ear, discuss your concerns, and enable you to find the path to a happier and more emotionally satisfying life.

Flexible Appointment Times

Paul Stack, Counsellor offers flexible appointment times, including after-hour and weekend appointments. To make appointment fill the form below and we will contact you back within 24 hours.